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PRCD726 - Lefebure- Wely Organ Works - Vol 1 / Organ of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Richard Lea

Lefebure- Wely Organ Works - Vol 1 / Organ of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Brand: Priory Records
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Track Listing

Track Name Time
1L'Organiste Moderne: Pastorale in G No. 1W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely01:52
2L'Organiste Moderne: Communion in G No.2W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely01:54
3L'Organiste Moderne: Verset sur le Chant de l'Hymne de la Pentecote in E flat No.3W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:03
4L'Organiste Moderne: Verset in F No.4W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:05
5L'Organiste Moderne: Offertoire in F No.5W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely05:19
6L'Organiste Moderne: Elevation or Communion in A minor No.6W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:50
7L'Organiste Moderne: Verset in D No.7W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely3:)5
8L'Organiste Moderne: Offertoire in G No.8W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely06:29
9L'Organiste Moderne: Communion in F No.9W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely05:06
10Offertoire Op. 35 No.1W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely05:14
11L'Organiste Moderne: Fugue in A minor No.10W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:37
12L'Organiste Moderne: Offertoire in F No. 11W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely08:08
13L'Organiste Moderne: Offertoire in C No.12W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely08:16
14L'Organiste Moderne: Verset in A minor No.13W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:30
15Offertoire Op. 35 No.2W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely10:26
16L'Organiste Moderne: Elevation or Communion in B flat No.14W.J.A. Lefebure-Wely02:51

"Cathedral maestro Richard Lea clearly enjoys putting the instrument through its is all very entertaining. Priory have captured the finest sound of the organ I have heard on disc." Liverpool Daily Post

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