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PRCD868 - The Complete Organ Works of Sigfrid Karg-Elert Volume 4/ The Sauer Organ of Michaeliskirche, Leipzig

Stefan Engels

The Complete Organ Works of Sigfrid Karg-Elert Volume 4/ The Sauer Organ of Michaeliskirche, Leipzig
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Product Code: PRCD868
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Track Listing

Track Name Time
1Phantasie and Fuge in D Op.39BSigfrid Karg-Elert12:18
2Entrada Op.37/1BSigfrid Karg-Elert03:46
3Sarabande Op.37 3BSigfrid Karg-Elert02:51
4Bouree et Musette Op.37/4BSigfrid Karg-Elert04:56
5Interludium Op.36/11BSigfrid Karg-Elert07:29
6Preambulum Festivum Op.36/11BSigfrid Karg-Elert03:46
7Benediction Op.33/4BSigfrid Karg-Elert03:38
8Improvisation Op.34BSigfrid Karg-Elert07:34
9Passacaglia Op.25B - IntroductionSigfrid Karg-Elert00:27
10Passacaglia Op.25B - ThemaSigfrid Karg-Elert01:02
11Passacaglia Op.25B - Poco lento e seriosoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:25
12Passacaglia Op.25B - Pochettino mossoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:28
13Passacaglia Op.25B - Andantino PastoraleSigfrid Karg-Elert02:29
14Passacaglia Op.25B - Allegro con motoSigfrid Karg-Elert00:40
15Passacaglia Op.25B - Vivo ed agilmentSigfrid Karg-Elert00:46
16Passacaglia Op.25B - Allegro energicoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:13
17Passacaglia Op.25B - Tranquillo e delicateSigfrid Karg-Elert01:41
18Passacaglia Op.25B - Grave e lugubreSigfrid Karg-Elert01:11
19Passacaglia Op.25B - AgilmenteSigfrid Karg-Elert01:19
20Passacaglia Op.25B - Pomposo e brillanteSigfrid Karg-Elert01:09
21Passacaglia Op.25B - SpianatoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:18
22Passacaglia Op.25B - Piu moto ed amabileSigfrid Karg-Elert01:32
23Passacaglia Op.25B - Lento, lugubre e molta graveSigfrid Karg-Elert01:33
24Passacaglia Op.25B - Andante dolendoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:58
25Passacaglia Op.25B - Adagio con molta espressionsSigfrid Karg-Elert03:27
26Passacaglia Op.25B - Allegro agitatoSigfrid Karg-Elert00:51
27Passacaglia Op.25B - VivaacissimoSigfrid Karg-Elert00:41
28Passacaglia Op.25B - Tempestuoso ed agitatoSigfrid Karg-Elert01:05
29Passacaglia Op.25B - Grave molto e pesanteSigfrid Karg-Elert02:07

"Engels performances are musically and stylishly conveyed so that every piece has something interesting to say....his love of this repertoire shines through in his performances." Organists Review

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